Sunday, November 16, 2008

1. OGLL question on race / housing

A Mr Miller has emailed in and asked this question:

"If the emails you have received are racist or have racist overtones, will you be referring them to the Borough Commander, as you did with the YouTube clip?"

A very tough question. I will think about it tonight and get you an answer in the morning.

Spreading a little sunshine

My name is Michael Whitney Freer. I'm here to tell you what I think. Listening is for wimps. There is only one consultation that counts, the Council elections every four years. However where it may get me a few votes for my parliamentary election, I'll pretend to be and do anything!

Anyway, I am the Chairman of the Government Department for Barnet (GDfB) for which I receive a large 'responsibility allowance'. Whilst this is a publicly available figure I shalln't be telling you what it is. Just because information should be in the public domain doesn't actually mean you are entitled to know of it, we can tie you up in red tape for months trying to eek it out, or try to name and shame you. Some people get very confused about this. Even my 'big boss' Dave thinks that local authorities should be transparent. Pah!

Please don't be confused by the term responsibility allowance, it doesn't actually mean that I am held responsible for anything. I am well known for saying that I don't get my hands dirty with the micro issues in GDfB (apart of course from my roadshow where I go polling district to polling district, via your Council Tax, inviting the public to complain to me directly about a broken paving stone in their street. It's a cross between a 'bring out your dead' and 'medicine man' service). However where there is credit to be claimed, I'll be there, and when there's trouble.... well they don't call me McCavity Freer for nothing!

Unlike some imposter blogs claiming to be run by me, I will answer any question posed here honestly and frankly. So, I'm going to sit back, chill out and wait for the questions. Send them in to